Walnut Creek Treatment Center offers individualized, inpatient drug and alcohol detox overseen by David Brown, MD, Scot Flynn, PA-C, and Katrina Till, RN, with combined experience in treating addiction and mental illness for over 50 years.
At Walnut Creek Treatment Center, we recognize that addiction is a complex illness with many distinct and connected causes. Each individual who comes to stop using drugs or alcohol meets with Dr. Brown for a full evaluation of his or her history of addiction and any contributing medical, psycho-social, or psychiatric factors.
The focus of the detox itself is to maintain the safety and contentment, as much as possible, of each person, while employing current best-practices, including the use of Suboxone for opiate withdrawal.
Walnut Creek Treatment Center focuses on the first step of evaluation, detox, and treatment, then makes referrals for long-term work depending on the individual needs of each person.